What’s your word?

Hey friends. My prayer has been that this blog would be a space for words to bless. I was shopping in The Gibson Company last week and ran across these really cool mugs with one word on them. I found the one that resonated with me: rest. rest mug

God has been whispering this word to me for a while now. I reached out to the artist, Angie Chini. I had to know why she chose to use words on her art and how she picked them. She agreed to share a little of her story and how words have impacted her:

“For me, certain words have had a special meaning. When my girls and I moved back to my home town after a difficult season in life, God gave me the word “hope”.  I had hope again and he gave me a special verse Psalm 25:4-5. “Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths…my hope is in you all day long.”
In 2011, I even felt led to name my new business Mountain Hope Pottery.
God definitely fulfilled my hopes as long as I kept my hope in Him first.
More recently, my word has been “trust”.  I’ve been on a journey of learning through all life’s ups and downs, that I can trust the Lord. (I even got this tattooed on my arm with mountains and waves…my two fave places…to signify the mountains and valleys, billowing waves and calm).  It’s harder to live it out than to simply get a tattoo haha!
I started putting words on my pottery and I just sat praying and thinking about what words to use.  People have really responded to these. I think everyone has a special word that resonates just for them, words are powerful, unique to each person, and special.
Some of the most popular have been “worthy” and “rest”.  I’ll never know everyone’s story of why a simple word affects them deeply, but I’m glad to have a part in helping God speak especially to their hearts.:)”
What a good word friends! What word is God whispering to you right now? What word do you need for the Holidays? For 2018? Please share in the comment section below!
You can check out Angie at https://www.thegibsoncoshop.com,

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