Full Coverage

This morning at the bus stop I was talking with one of my buddies about bathing suits, Cause that’s normal at 6:50 am, right? She works at this really cool store that sells great swimsuits, and I was telling her about one I had purchased. It was labeled “medium coverage.” I thought that would work since my booty feels about medium. Well, apparently it’s not. I told her this suit was not medium coverage and was little all over and barely covered my, well, you know. And I can’t go around showing that, so I had to buy the “full coverage” bottom. We laughed and said that turning 40 has caused us to need “full coverage.” Nobody should wear “little coverage” any way. I have 3 boys and a husband and they all need you to be fully covered. I went back inside, still laughing and had a thought, “there are other areas of my life where I need full coverage.”  I don’t want medium or little coverage when it comes to my insurance. When that car hits me, I don’t want them to say, “unfortunately, Mrs. Mcleod, you only have a little coverage. Here is your new bike.” When you play football, you definitely want full coverage, so you don’t get your guts knocked out of you. I love that word, guts. My dad always said “guts” instead of stomach. Makes me laugh. I guess I was meant to be a boy mom. Anyway, you get what I am saying, when it comes to booties, insurance and football, full coverage is a good thing.

However, full coverage is a great thing in our spiritual life. When Jesus died, he didn’t just cover us a little. We got full coverage, complete. His blood covered it all. This morning in church, the pastor spoke of Jesus’ unlimited coverage. Under the old covenant, sacrifices had to be made regularly. Jesus fulfilled the new covenant once and for all. His death, his blood, his resurrection covered all sins and it only had to be done once. That’s full coverage.

I’ve been in a season of doubt with the Lord. For some reason, I can’t seem to remember or see all he has done for me and I can’t seem to realize his provision around me. A friend said it’s like I have scales on my eyes. She can see God’s hand on my life, but I keep missing it. In fact, she said, “I am coming over to pray for you.” She shared lots of insight and one thing she said has stayed with me. “He’s got you covered, Kimberly.” She listed all these experiences I’ve had, good and bad, and she reminded me of God’s covering during these times. She sees it, why can’t I?

1 Cor. 2:12 says, “God has actually given us his spirit so we can know the wonderful things God has freely given us.” Sounds like I need a little more Holy Spirit so I can know what God has given me. Full coverage friends. It’s what he has for us.

Jesus didn’t die so we could just get a little forgiveness. God’s gift to us in Christ wasn’t a little or a medium gift. It was his full gift. Ephesians 1:7, “He purchased our freedom through THE BLOOD OF HIS SON.” God gave all of himself thru Christ, all of his life, his only son. He left his throne and glory to come to our earth. That is a full coverage gift. Why would we ever doubt that he has us fully covered or that he fully loves us? Why would he give us such an extravagant gift to only protect and love us a little bit or a medium bit? We got the full amount of his everything, the best.

And because of Christ’s full and complete sacrifice, we get full access to all God has. Ephesians 1:3- “How we praise God who has blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we belong to Christ.” Who do we belong to? THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. Scripture says we belong to him. When you take your kids to the park and you see a bad guy lurking in the trees, do you just say, “Well, I’ll just watch my kid a little or maybe a medium amount. No, you grab your kid, get in your car, drive away and call the police. Full coverage. Well we belong to Jesus, so he’s got us fully covered.

One of my boys really struggles with fear. He doesn’t like to be alone and really hates to go to bed in the dark. We had struggled with this for a while and I was just out of ideas. Then I remembered the verse, “He will shield you with his wings, He will shelter you with his feathers.” Some versions say he will cover you with his feathers. I told this verse to my little boy and we prayed it over him every night. He loved it. He loved the thought of God wrapping him up in feathers and wings. Beautifully, fully covered in glorious, holy, perfect feathers. This same passage says, “Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest.” I know that God’s shelter is perfect, complete. There are not holes in the roof and boards popping off. His shelter provides full coverage.

John 10:10 says, “My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.” He didn’t come for us to live a little life, a medium life, but a full life. Know that all his blessings are available. He is so generous! With God we receive every spiritual blessing, all of his inheritance, all of his treasure. Not a little, not medium, the full amount.

Do you know this? Do you believe this is for you? It is true, so just bring him everything, your hurts, your doubts, your questions and just rest, knowing you are fully covered. Covered in his perfect grace and love. All because of his blood.


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