The Good and the Bad

It’s good when eyebrows grow back due to a skin care experiment that removed too much facial hair. (It happened to a friend.)

It’s good when your best friend forgives you when she shouldn’t and you don’t expect her to. And then she just loves you like always because that’s all she knows to do.

It’s good when those lilies you divided (like you thought you were a gardener) come back and surprise you come spring time. I guess those garden prayers work.

It’s good when your kid remembers your prayers over him for courage and recites the verse you have begged God for countless times during the night.

It’s bad when you spend your monthly cash on wrinkle cream and lip gloss and there’s not enough money for haircuts or broccoli. Who needs haircuts or broccoli anyway.

It’s bad when you lose the earring your dad gave you for Christmas and then he dies and you just want something special to remember him by.

It’s bad when you lose yourself and your confidence and think you have to be someone you are not and you are 40 but it feels like high school again.

It’s bad when your kid finds out his best friend has parents who are divorcing and there’s a move coming.

It’s bad when you miss the eyes of your loving spouse because your eyes are focused on other things. And you wish you were different or better, instead of loving just you and that makes you think he should be different or better. Even though he loves just you.

It’s good there is a God out there that is patient and kind and sent a book of wisdom to guide us. It’s bad when we ignore it and try to figure things out from social media, our neighbors and Real simple magazine.

It’s good when you have the resources to love and serve the former addict and prostitute at the local ministry on Friday nights. It’s bad when you completely forget there is a need because you are online shopping for a new outfit for the party next week.

It’s bad when you sink into an emotional hole of lies telling yourself you could do better, be more, work harder, eat less, tighten up, weigh down, smile brighter, stand straighter. But the hole is so deep it takes two days to climb out.

It’s bad when the man you think is going to save the world dies and is buried and the next day nothing happens.

It’s good when he rises on the third day and appears to you and you choose to believe, even though it may cost you your life.

It’s good he sent us a Holy Spirit that whispers, “child, your value is tied only to me, not your status, your behavior, your appearance, or your performance.”

Thank God for the good. Thank God for the new morning, a chance to start again, redemption. Thank God there was a resurrection and there will be a reckoning and a restoring.

Thank God he makes all things new, even those crazy, unthinkable, unspoken places that we are afraid to say out loud because what if they knew places. Those places we can only entrust to him, those are the places that feel the worst that seem so bad but he is a good good father and those are the places he loves to step into best and show off.

Show off in me Jesus, in the baddest parts.  Would you just be so good?





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