Thoughts on 41

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My thoughts after 41 years of living:

Wear sunscreen 

Eat less sugar and more vegetables

Listen more, talk less


It takes 2 to make a thing go right

Don’t judge – there is a reason behind every behavior

Read a lot

Forgiveness is better than being right

Good friends are hard to find so choose wisely and hang on tight

Dance often to loud music

Save money and don’t spend more than you have

Marry someone who loves Jesus and is your friend 

Parenting is good and hard and beautiful and full of lessons

Marriage is good and hard and beautiful and full of lessons

Drink a little but not too much

You don’t always need something new

Say yes more

Listen to your teachers and tell them thank you

Serving others is better

Spend time with people that are very different from you

Soak up the moments right in front of you

The second half of your life is fuller

Jesus wants your whole heart. If you give it to him, it’s so good. 

Spend more time on your hobbies than your screen

Listen and learn by watching your elders 

Get a mentor

Get a counselor 

Communicate often with those in your circle

Write letters and mail them

Go to the beach

Go to the mountains 

Buy a boat

Buy a truck to pull it

Eat good food


The Holy Spirit has things to tell you

Read your Bible everyday 

Take a trip with friends

Cook for sick and tired people 

Rest your mind and body

Love well

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