God’s Heart

Do you trust me? Really trust me? Do you believe I formed you exactly how I planned? Do you believe I hold your future in my hands and I always have? Do you believe I already formed your future? You past is the future I created when I breathed my breath in you.

Did you know that, did you know that the King of the world breathed His breathe in you….on purpose?

So many things intended for you long ago, your past, but the future I gave you when I formed you. Do you doubt that my plans are good for you? Do you believe that you can get in the way of my plans? Pride, that’s pride my child, to think that you could halt my plans for you. I am Almighty God. Why do you doubt my concern for you? Do you know that I see you, I care for you, I delight in you?

I am a Promise Keeper, a Truth Teller, a Heart Healer and I hold you close, so very close.

I am full, complete and I offer that to you, not a shattered, unplanned or unorganized life. If you choose me, if you listen to me, I offer you whole, pure and good things. Can you trust me with what I have chosen for you, your life, your people?

Do not think you know better than me for I am the Master Planner and I plan all things well.

I hold your heart.

I see the broken pieces, the empty spaces and I long to breathe life there if you will let me, child. Please let me.

Something broke you, long ago. You don’t even know, but I was there, I was there when your heart was broken. This is a broken world, and my children get hurt and they don’t even realize it. The enemy is a heart breaker and he wants my army bruised and battered.

But I am the heart healer and I am putting you back together child. Piece by piece. Piece by piece. It takes time, it keeps you close. Trust me with my timing as I put you back together. It draws you deep, deeper into me. Stay in my shadow, draw near as I put you back together.

I have plans for you, my love, good plans, and I will use your brokenness for my glory, to draw in my other loves. I do not fail. I am Good. I am Glory. I am Forever. I am your Father, your Abba, your Papa. I haven’t forgotten you.

I am closer than you know. Breathe me in.