Little signs of life

I sent the boys racing out to their carpool pick up this morning. As usual, we were rushing, Ben had one shoe on, and the ground was wet from last nights rain.

As I walked back inside, my eyes spotted Sam’s bunny (the most precious item he owns), an opened toothpaste container and smeared pomade. I have all boys, but their hair is very important and pomade is a necessity.

As I moved into the living room, I saw the Napoleon Dynamite case opened. We had to watch an old fashioned DVD last night since the internet has been down for 2 days. The TV tray was also out, a reminder that Ben used it as a fortnight gaming table the day before.

All messes, but also little signs of life. Signs of the life Chris and I have built. Signs of the life God has allowed me to participate in.

I sat down on the couch for a minute and suddenly realized Easter is fast approaching. Between work, homework, baseball, and cleaning up Mack’s baking messes, I hadn’t even paused to think on Easter, one of my favorite holidays.

I love the spring decorations, egg hunts, and the excuse for everyone (even my boys) to wear pastel. I love filled Easter baskets and chocolate eggs. My mom has always bought me the caramel Cadbury ones since I was little.

But most of all, I love to pause and realize the sacrifice that was made for me. Me and you, broken, mistake-filled humans…Jesus sacrificed his life and rose from the dead on Easter.

Before the boys woke up and made their morning messes, I was reading Isa. 41:8-13. It tells me that God called me, chose me, then took His victorious right hand and grabbed my right hand.

I remember my own dad doing this, holding my hand as we walked through the mall, so he would never lose me. I’ve watched Chris hold the boys’ hands tight countless times when we were in a busy place. I can sense that sweet feeling when little hands and fingers intertwine with mine. Holding hands means love and protection…

The right hand is very significant in the Bible. It is used 166 times and is a sign of power and authority. (

So, God the Father, takes His victorious right hand and grabs my right hand, choosing me, keeping me safe, never losing me. I bet He also enjoys the feel of my human fingers intertwined with His divine ones.

If you look close, especially this Easter week, you will see signs of life every where. Little ones and big ones. We have all been in a tough season, where it seemed like signs of death were all around.

But I wonder, could we choose to shift our focus this week and begin to look for ways we know that we are living? That we know He is alive, seated on His throne to the right of His Father? Could we grab His hand a little tighter, see what’s growing, see what’s changing, and celebrate the abundant life we can have because of His death?

I pray you all have the most beautiful Easter this year!

“I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:9


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